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We're Kind Of Wingin' It: Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton Ranked 10th In Total QBR During Week Nine

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Admittedly we don't understand much of ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating. We know that it takes into account everything from running with the football, passing, sacks taken, fumbles lost and penalties that contributes towards his respective team's wins (or losses). That much we know. How it's actually figured out, we're far from certain and it still seems odd to us that even ESPN references passer rating more than their own Total QBR. But we're fair and open-minded, curious to see where this takes us.

After falling behind 17-7 against the Tennessee Titans, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton put on his general cap and helped lead the Bengals with 17 unanswered points in the second half, where he completed 14 of 25 passes for 120 yards passing and two touchdowns for a passer rating of 95.4. The performance earned Dalton a Total QBR of 74.4, which ranked 10th in week nine.

According to ESPN's system that was largely formulated by former NFL quarterbacks that are employed with ESPN, Dalton's best game remains against the Colts in week six, where he completed 78% of his passes for 264 yards passing, a touchdown thrown and a passer rating of 111.5. Here's how Dalton's Total QBR has broken down this season.

Week Opp. Result Total QBR Rank
Week 1 Browns W, 27-17 27.0 25th
Week 2 Broncos L, 22-24 41.2 23rd
Week 3 49ers L, 8-13 14.0 30th
Week 4 Bills W, 23-20 26.7 27th
Week 5 Jaguars W, 30-23 61.2 15th
Week 6 Colts W, 27-17 88.8 5th
Week 8 Seahawks W, 34-12 61.9 12th
Week 9 Titans W, 24-17 74.4 10th

For the season Dalton ranks 18th with a Total QBR of 50.4, which is roughly 8.6 points worse than 2-6 rookie quarterback Cam Newton. I suppose the contributions towards winning isn't that significant.