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Sunday Viewin' Pleasure: Who Will Be Able To See Cincinnati And Pittsburgh This Weekend?

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+You can call this weekend's game whatever you want. Rumble in the Burgh. Collision of the blue collar city monsters. Must-win. Game that will drop your soul into a pit of demon's blood selling your eternal life to the devil (Tim Tebow will be of no help in Minnesota this weekend). Whatever name of great importance you want to label this weekend's contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the truth is that the game will factor heavily into the AFC North playoff picture.

With Jim Nantz and Phil Simms heading up the "A-Team" for CBS, it stands a good reason to believe a significant portion of the nation will see the Bengals and Steelers series finale this year -- regular season at least. And for the most part, it's true. According to the NFL Distribution map, most of Ohio except for the Cleveland market, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, most of the Carolinas and throughout the south -- including Arizona but excluding New Mexico -- will see Sunday's game. In Hawaii? No problem. You're included. Check to see if you're in the viewing area here.

In other random musings... It's sort of a shock to see the Colts and Patriots game fallen on such hard times when this game was at one point the sure-fire "Game of the Week."