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Dependin' On Where You Live: Bengals Television Coverage Against The Texans

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For the fifth time in six games this year, Cincinnatians (Hamilton County residents specifically) that approved a sales tax increase so that the Cincinnati Bengals (and Reds) could play in state of the art facilities that would offer competitive professional teams, will not be able to sit on their collective couches to watch the hometown football team host the Houston Texans in a game that could define the rest of the season. Though the more industrious users have their bookmarks storing available streaming options (we’re kind of really good at that), some Bengals fans across the nation – across at least 18 states – will have the game available to them.

Obviously the entire state of Texas will feature the 1 p.m. game on CBS, as will the state of Ohio – save for the Cincinnati market because that totally makes sense – and pockets of Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and the entire state of Alaska. So see if the game is playing in your area, click here.

If you live in Cincinnati, there will be a game on Fox during the early afternoon featuring the New Orleans Saints and the Tennessee Titans that will have repercussions for Cincinnati’s path into the playoffs. The only late evening game will feature the Oakland Raiders at the Green Bay Packers on CBS.