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Bengals Take 6-3 Lead Following Reggie Nelson Interception

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With the game tied at a field goal apiece, following huge runs by both offenses that setup eventual field goal conversions, the Houston Texans start from their own 15-yard line with 4:54 remaining in the first quarter (following a false start by Owen Daniels). Daniels fortunately (for him) gets his lost yardage back following a quick five-yard Yates pass to the tight end, followed up with a three-yard run by Ben Tate off the left edge where Manny Lawson waited.

Third and seven with 4:17 remaining in the first quarter on Houston's 23-yard line, T.J. Yates takes the shotgun snap and airs the football well over the intended receiver where center fielder Reggie Nelson picks off the football, picking up 23 yards on the return to Houston's 25-yard line.

Cincinnati's offense did nothing. Andrew Whitworth was badly owned by J.J. Watt, tackling Bernard Scott four yards deep in the backfield. Dalton throws consecutive incomplete passes where Mike Nugent converts a 47-yard field goal to give the Bengals a 6-3 lead.