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Bengals Take A 13-3 Following Rey Maualuga Goalline Fumble Recovery And 17-Play Offensive Possession

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The Houston Texans were driving on the Cincinnati Bengals registering 12 plays and 87 yards, taking 6:44 off the clock when Rey Maualuga stones Ben Tate at the Bengals three-yard line where the fumbled football is recovered by Maualuga.

The Bengals call Cedric Benson's number on consecutive downs, picking up eight yards on both plays combined setting up a third down from Cincinnati's 11-yard line. With an empty backfield, Andy Dalton takes the third down snap and pitches to Andrew Hawkins on an end-around (from left to right), picking up four yards to Cincinnati's 15-yard line and the first down with over nine minutes remaining in the second quarter.

On second and six from the Bengals 19-yard line, Andy Dalton quickly flips the football to Jermaine Gresham, lined up wide right with a safety covering, on a vertical that picked up 26 yards. Cedric Benson followed that up with another nine yard gain to the Texans 46-yard line.

Third and one following an incomplete pass just under seven minutes remaining, Dalton hands off to Cedric Benson to the left, where the running back hammered out four yards and the first down. We're moving. And we're moving with Cedric Benson. On the following play Benson bounces to his right, finding the cut-back block and gaining an easy five yards to the Texans 41-yard line.

Eventually the Bengals setup with third and three with just under six minutes remaining from Houston's 35-yard line. Andy Dalton quickly passes to his right where the football is knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Just as Mike Nugent walks onto the field the Bengals use their first timeout of the game to discuss it.

Deciding to go for it on fourth down, Andy Dalton retakes the field, only needing three yards, taking the shotgun snap and throws over the middle on a shallow cross to A.J. Green who hauls in the reception and the first down on the 11-yard play to the Texans 24-yard line.

Cincinnati returned to another critical third down (in the school of needing a touchdown) following consecutive runs by Benson, picking up seven yards. Third and three from the Texans 17-yard line. Andy Dalton takes the shotgun snap and throws the football over the middle where Jerome Simpson out-stretches the defense and hauls in the touchdown reception, giving the Bengals a 13-3 lead.

The touchdown drive went 15 plays, 97 yards and consumed 7:38 off the clock.