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Mike Nugent Field Goal Gives The Bengals A 19-10 Lead

Rather than fair catching the football at the 17-yard line, Brandon Tate runs away from the diseased football where it rolls to the Bengals two-yard line. Bernard Scott can't make anything happen on first down. Andy Dalton takes a one-step drop, hitting A.J. Green on a quick slant falling one yard short of the first down, where Bernard Scott slammed into the line of scrimmage to pick up three yards and the first down.

After a four-yard run by Scott, Andy Dalton fakes the handoff and rolls out right. A.J. Green running a vertical down the right sidelines (with two defenders on him) is the target. Dalton unleashes the football and Green jumps over both defenders, but the football is knocked out of his hands. Johnathan Joseph is called for pass interference, giving the Bengals 25 yards on the penalty to Cincinnati's 43-yard line.

Following a one-yard Bernard Scott run (without the blatant face mask called), Andre Caldwell picks up eight yards on a quick out one yard short of the first down. Dalton hands off to Benson on third and one, picking up the first down on the three-yard run to Houston's 45-yard line.

On the following play, Dalton fakes the handoff and rolls out right. Green, once again, beats two defenders including Johnathan Joseph, and out-jumps both defenders for a 36-yard gain to the Texans nine-yard line.

Eventually the Bengals would have third and goal from the ten-yard line (following poor results from consecutive Bernard Scott calls) with under three minutes remaining in the third quarter. Andy Dalton is forced to scramble out of the pocket, avoiding quarterback sacks and over throws A.J. Green near the front left pylon.

Mike Nugent converts the 28-yard field goal and the Bengals go up by two scores, 19-10.