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Bengals Starting Right Guard Bobbie Williams Feared Lost For The Season

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With 6:21 remaining in the second quarter, Cedric Benson chipped away another seven yards to the left side during Cincinnati's lone touchdown drive of the game. And during the course of that play, right guard Bobbie Williams was rolled up from behind, laying on the turf after the play in obvious pain. Though he walked off the field under his own power, the limp was very noticeable.

Williams would never return.

According to beat writer Geoff Hobson, the general fear at Paul Brown Stadium is that Bobbie Williams, now on crutches and walking boot, is done for the season with an injured ankle. There's only three regular season games remaining following Cincinnati's 20-19 loss to the Houston Texans.

Mike McGlynn, who committed a false start on a fourth down late in the game, replaced Williams in the second quarter. Though Marvin Lewis admits that they were only trying to draw the Texans offsides, if McGlynn doesn't move and Houston commits a neutral zone infraction, the Bengals have more clock to consume, making it tougher for Houston to put together a game-winning touchdown drive.

Williams signed a two-year deal in 2010, making him a free agent after this season.