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SB Nation Mock Draft: First Of Many Times We'll Reference A Mock Draft During The Season

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We know it’s early to fathom the idea of projected draft picks a full five months before the 2012 NFL Draft and we’re not writing the season off already. Actually even if the Cincinnati Bengals fail to make the playoffs this season, my emotion and state of obsession will be equal to that weeks ago when the team was a shockingly beautiful 6-2. Rather we’re smart folk who can walk down the streak and chew bubble gum (hell, we’ll even blow a bubble during said waltz down the street).

Our very own SB Nation released their first of many mock drafts early in the months leading up to the NFL Draft. Ryan Van Bibber has the Bengals selecting Virginia cornerback Chase Minnifield 19th overall.

Now to complete this post, it’s your turn to dive into a hysterical rant that we’re focusing on the NFL draft and not the team’s remainder of the season (as if a 2,000-word post earlier this morning suggested otherwise).