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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis On The Lack Of Fans Showing Up At Paul Brown Stadium

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No matter what you believe in when it comes to the difficult (though seemingly easy) debate why the Bengals aren’t playing in front of a full capacity at Paul Brown Stadium, the result is the same: Record low attendance against the Buffalo Bills earlier this year and another that nearly broke that record against the Houston Texans. And it’s not as if the Bengals are playing bad teams; both the Texans and Bills came to Cincinnati sporting momentum (with gushy headline love) and winning records.

Yet the argument of a winning brand isn’t drawing fans out, otherwise Paul Brown Stadium would have sold out last weekend with the Bengals playing for their holy loving playoff lives against an eventual division champion. When asked about that only 41,000 fans showed up at Paul Brown Stadium this weekend during his weekly Monday afternoon press conference, Marvin Lewis said:

"It’s disappointing. I think people are missing out. I get excited and I can’t wait for Sundays to watch our guys play, because I know it’s going to be exciting. I think you guys (the media) can do your part and get them there. We’ve got two more at home (Dec. 24 vs. Arizona, Jan. 1 vs. Baltimore). You can do your part in getting them there, because they’re missing a great show.

"We’ve got guys all over the place making very, very good football plays. Yeah, we’re disappointed we didn’t win the football game, because that’s what we’re here to do, but there’s a lot of good things. I think the guys feed off the energy. I thought the 41,000, or whatever showed up, were very loud and vocal. We’ve got to get them to be kind of quiet when we’ve got the ball down there on the goal line a little and understand that situation a little better. But I thought our fans that were out there have been tremendous. That’s a good thing. You want to get back to having that home-field advantage each and every Sunday."