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Mike Nugent Nominated For AFC Special Teams Player Of The Week (That Matt Prater Won)

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Lost within the chaotic mess of a team losing during the final two seconds, to a rookie quarterback making only his second career start, is the consistency and dependability of Cincinnati’s place kicker Mike Nugent. After recovering from a shredded knee suffered during an onside kick (that the Bengals recovered) against the Indianapolis Colts, Nugent converted 92.6% (25 of 27) of his field goals this season, ranked first in the NFL. Nugent was nominated for the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Week 14 against the Houston Texans.

It’s hard to argue this week’s award going to anyone other than Denver’s Matt Prater, who converted a game-tying 59-yard field goal to force overtime and winning the game on a 51-yard field goal. And to most that remain confused, no, Matt Prater is not Tim Tebow.

That being said Nugent was one of four nominations this week for AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, converting four field goals (22, 47, 49, and 28). Other nominations this week included Jacksonville Jaguars running back Montell Owens (three tackles and two forced fumbles) and Baltimore Ravens punt returner Lardarius Webb, who returned three punts for 59 yards punt.