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Bengals Defensive End Carlos Dunlap Returns To Practice

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On the second to last play against the Tennessee Titans, Carlos Dunlap explodes off the edge, dropping quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for a seven-yard loss to Tennessee’s 38-yard line, leaving the Titans only seven seconds to score the game-tying touchdown. The team’s top pass rusher remained on the turf, holding onto his hamstring, injured enough to miss the following week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dunlap attempted to return against the Baltimore Ravens, participating in 13 snaps before he reportedly reinjured his hamstring. From Cleveland in week 12 to Houston in week 14, Dunlap hasn’t even practiced much less played in any of the previous three games. Well, there’s news about that today.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Geoff Hobson of, Dunlap reportedly returned to practice on Wednesday (Josh momentarily stops writing to wipe the tears from his eyes).

Cedric Benson, Chris Crocker and Nate Clements are out most likely due to veterans rest, nagging already persistent (though not debilitating) injuries. Also out are Chris Pressley, Brian Leonard, Manny Lawson, Gibril Wilson and Dontay Moch.