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Bengals Rookie LB Dontay Moch Returns to Practice Friday

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Perhaps the one Bengals player that fans have been wanting to see on the field more than Taylor Mays is rookie linebacker Dontay Moch. Moch was the Bengals third-round pick in the 2011 draft and showed a lot of promise as a talented pass rushing linebacker or defensive end that could play on obvious passing downs. Unfortunately Moch has been out of practice for a long time with migraine issues. He hasn't played in a game so far this season.

According to's Geoff Hobson, Moch is practicing with the team on Friday. Now that the Bengals are just three weeks away from the end of the season, it's unclear as to whether Moch could make it on the field for a game, though. He has to be so far behind due to missing so many practices that it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't make his regular season debut until 2012.

If he does make it on the field in 2011 it may be as a special teams player. Either way, it's nice to see Moch back in practice.

Stay tuned throughout the day for more practice updates and watch for tonight's full practice report.