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Veterans Of Cincinnati: Former Bengals Defensive End Arrested During Routine Traffic Stop

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Since leaving the Tennessee Titans following the 2007 season, Antwan Odom signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, missed 26 of 48 games due to an injury and faced a four-game suspension in 2010 after violating the league's policy against performance-enhancing substances. He was released from the team in late July this year, before training camp. Since then Odom was shot in the league after being involved in the middle of some love triangle and earlier this week was busted by the police.

According to WKRG, a CBS affiliate in Mobile, Alabama, Odom was arrested during a routine traffic stop after police "found a gun and two blunts in his possession." Odom was released Thursday after posting a $1,000 bond.

Our only question is what possessed him to wear that shirt. And then we re-read the the paragraph we just wrote.

Note: We try to keep up with former Bengals players and where they're at in their post-career lives. It just so happens that every update on Antwan Odom is kind of a bad one.