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Two Years Ago Today: We Lost Chris Henry

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With bated breath the Cincinnati Bengals community – no, the entire NFL community – was praying for something that transitioned an awful report that instantly made turned something like sports into insignificance. Heavy eyes caused by a late night and early morning, stared at the computer screen like an impenetrable glue.

Then it came. The revolting news we had prayed would never be announced.

At 6:36 AM two years ago today, we lost Chris Henry.

Those 12 hours I’ll never forget. Constantly checking for updates, hoping something good would surface after a series of reports hinted towards an eventuality that was only a matter of time. The story surrounding the incident was arduous, even head-scratching. Henry’s path towards redemption that restarted at the end of 2008 into 2009 was brilliant, memorable and most of all tragic.

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