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Week 15 Television Coverage: Might As Well Call Bengals And Rams A National Game

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One benefit with the Cincinnati Bengals playing in St. Louis this weekend is that fans within Cincinnati's market won't have to deal with choppy internet streams that offer limited quality. Nope. This weekend Bengals fans from nearly across the country can plant their collective butts onto the seat of their couches as the Bengals square off against the Rams this Sunday with a 1 p.m. kickoff time. Check television coverage chart to see if you're market is showing the Bengals -- and most of you will be able to.

If you're within the Cincinnati market, residents will receive two late games on Fox and CBS this weekend. On Fox the Detroit Lions will hopefully pick off many Carson Palmer passes, helping the Bengals eliminate another Wild Card contender in the Oakland Raiders. Yet the game of interest that Cincinnatians (and most of the nation) will see is the Denver Broncos hosting the New England Patriots. Does anyone fear how Bill Belichick will inspire his team to prove something (and we're not talking about inspirations of God here).