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Philadelphia Eagles Lead New York Jets 14-0 at End of First Quarter

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The Jets-Eagles game is almost just as big for Bengals fans as the Bengals-Rams game was. When the Bengals lost to the Texans, losing four of their last five games, in Week 14, they lost the last seed in the AFC playoffs to the Jets and they were put in a position where they needed to win out to head to the playoffs.

They got off to a good start on Sunday by beating the Rams by a score of 20-13 in St. Louis but they also need the Jets to lose.

The Jets are in Philadelphia playing the Eagles right now and after the first quarter, the Eagles are doing the Bengals a big favor by leading the game by a score of 14-0.

The game has been defined by turnovers so far. Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes fumbled a pass, which was recovered and returned by Eagles linebacker Jugua Parker for a 47-yard touchdown. The Eagles also turned the ball over on a punt in which the ball hit an Eagles player without him knowing but Mark Sanches wasn't able to take advantage of the field position. Instead, he threw an interception to Asante Samuel off a deflection. The Eagles were able to score on that drive on a long pass from Michael Vick to tight end Brent Celek.

If the Eagles keep this up throughout the rest of the game, the Bengals will have control of their destiny once again. All they'll have to do is win out.