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Philadelphia Eagles Lead New York Jets 28-13 After First Half

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Just like the first quarter, the second quarter of the Eagles-Jets game in Philadelphia was completely defined by turnovers. It isn't just the Jets turning the ball over this time, though.

Early in the second quarter, the Eagles scored on a 11-yard touchdown run by Michael Vick and then, as soon as the Jets got the ball back, they gave it up again. Mark Sanchez fumbled the ball after a one-yard scramble. The ball was recovered by Joselio Hanson and in just two plays later, LeSean McCoy was running the ball into the end zone to give the Eagles a 28-0 lead.

The Jets were able to drive down the field on their next drive and the offense was able to put up its first points in the form of a field goal. In six plays, the Jets marched from their own 21-yard line to the Eagles' 21-yard line and that's where Nick Folk put the ball through the uprights. The Eagles were in the lead 28-3 at that point.

On the following kickoff, Eagles kick returner Dion Lewis fumbled during the return and Jets' Ellis Lankster was able to recover the ball. The Jets had a short field and were able to score their first touchdown, taking advantage of the Eagles' fumble. On a second-and-21 play at the 25-yard line, Sanchez found Santonio Holmes in the end zone for the touchdown.

That wasn't the end of the turnovers either. On the Eagles next drive, McCoy coughed the ball up as he was being tackled and the fumble was recovered by the Jets.

They weren't able to get into the end zone but Folk was able to kick another field goal. The Jets had scored 13 unanswered points and cut the Eagles' lead to 28-13.

The Eagles still have the upper hand in this game but the Jets aren't out of it yet.