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Bengals Sign Cornerback Devon Torrence To The Practice Squad

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The Cincinnati Bengals signed cornerback Devon Torrence to the team's practice squad, days after the team placed cornerback John Bowie on the Practice Squad Injured List, the team announced on Monday. Torrence strung together 23 starts with the Ohio State Buckeyes, posting 99 career tackles, four interceptions and four forced fumbles. Torrence signed with the Minnesota Vikings as a college free agent following the 2011 NFL Draft.

Torrence joins the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad, giving the team a full compliment of eight players, which includes wide receiver Armon Binns, quarterback Zac Robinson, linebacker Micah Johnson, tight end Chase Coffman, running back James Develin, offensive tackle Matthew O'Donnell and defensive tackle Swanson Miller.

We're fairly confident about that list even though values the practice squad roster just enough to keep two players on their list that's not even employed by the team (and Otis Hudson promoted to the 53-man roster).