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NFL Power Rankings: Cincinnati Bengals Recovering Lost Positions Following Win Over The Rams

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Following their 20-13 win over the (now) 2-12 St. Louis Rams, Cincinnati recovered some ground following their losing skid, losing four of their last five before last weekend. Though one might not offer respect. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes: "The playoffs remain a possibility, but if it means beating the Ravens it ain’t happening." Pretty sure most of Bengals nation called Florio a name that begins with the letter "D" and ends with the letter "ick". Or maybe the Bengals don't deserve it, having lost every game with a team sporting a winning record this year. Who knows and who really cares? The Bengals are 8-6 and one awesome Jets loss away from securing their own position (provided they take care of business against the Cardinals and Ravens because Big Cats > Birds).

How do the Bengals look in our weekly look-in for mainstream power rankings?

Power Rankings Placement LW
SB Nation 14th 17th
ESPN's Power Rankings 13th 15th
Pete Prisco ( 14th 15th 11th 11th
Pro Football Talk 12th 16th
Brian Billick (FoxSports) 13th 14th
Your Heart 1st