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Game Ball Of The Week: Bengals Cornerback Nate Clements

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Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green posted 115 yards receiving on six receptions. Running back Cedric Benson and Bernard Scott contributed towards Cincinnati's two touchdowns. Brandon Tate had perhaps the most electrifying play of the game, returning a third quarter punt 56 yards to St. Louis' 24-yard line where the Rams were flagged for a personal foul, pushing Cincinnati's offense to the 12-yard line. Three plays later the Bengals took a 13-6 lead with 17 seconds remaining in the third quarter. If we handed out a play of the game award, Brandon Tate gets it without question. None of them are getting our Game Ball of the Week Award.

This week we're giving this week's game ball award to Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Nate Clements. Along with a huge tackle on third and one that stalled a St. Louis possession in the first quarter, Clements added a quarterback sack in the third quarter that forced the Rams to punt. Clements also tackled Steven Jackson for a two-yard loss on third and one in the second quarter, but the play was negated following an Adam Jones face mask.

Of Nate Clements seven tackles, two were for loss, including a quarterback sack and another quarterback hit to go along with a tremendous overall performance. Though he allowed five receptions, he only allowed one reception that registered more than 10 yards.

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