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The Much Anticipated SB Nation App For The Droid Is Finally Here

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For those sporting a Droid, shoulders may have slumped and gloomy faces displayed a sense of resignation after hearing that SB Nation released a new iPhone app. What about us (PERCHE NON CI SONO PER QUESTO) the Droid user pleads with the panic not unlike anyone crossing the path of Michael Corleone.

Well Droid user, your time has come. No, that doesn't mean you're getting Fredo'ed.

If you have a Droid and want to get non-stop sports coverage, including complete access to Cincy Jungle through your phone, you can download that app here. The comments system on there is awesome and easy to use. I've been using it for weeks now as a Beta tester and it really does serve. I'm sure iPhone app users can testify.

So remember if you have a Droid, get the app here.

If you have a Blackberry, well we're really sorry about that but we have a feeling you've been thinking about Fredo'ing that for some time now.