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TiqIQ Offers A Few Hours Escape From Ugly Sweaters And Judgmental Family Eyes With Cheap Bengals Tickets

Now that it's official and the Cincinnati Bengals won't be sold out, fans within the Bengals market won't be able to see the game this Saturday. Which is a shame because what better thing to have on television as families gather for Christmas Eve? That being said maybe a cousin you haven't seen for years shows up, or you and your brothers want to escape from the dreadful analysis of aunts and uncles. You want to escape on Saturday. Hey, there's a game going on and now there's tickets deals.

Despite this compelling matchup the average ticket price is just $99, down 8% this week, and below the Bengals home season average of $112. Want to start your holiday at Paul Brown and treat yourself to some premium seats? Thanks again to "Pick Your Price" from our friends at TiqIQ, with an offer around $60 for two "5-star" tickets, you can save $25 off face price + no service or shipping fees. But act fast, this offer ends tomorrow evening (around 6 PM Eastern) - click here and only here.