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Andre Caldwell Could Miss The Final Two Games Of The Season

Bengals wide receiver Andre Caldwell suffered an abdominal and groin injury during training camp this year. Instead of telling anyone about "nagging" injuries and how they're affecting him, Caldwell elected to hide that from trainers throughout the season. Until Friday after revealing it to Marvin Lewis when the head coach asked him preceding last Friday's practice. Caldwell sat out against the St. Louis Rams last weekend and Geoff Hobson indicates that the fourth-year receiver could miss the final two games this season.

According to Hobson, Caldwell has been able to play through what's described as a nagging injury, but revealed that the injury and lack of recovery has finally caught up to him.

Though some may ask why the team's trainers didn't pick up on it, it's hard for them to diagnose an injury if the player isn't revealing it and most indications seem to show that the issues weren't visible enough to explore concern.

Caldwell, a third round draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft, posted 37 receptions for 317 yards receiving and three touchdowns this season. Following Jordan Shipley's season-ending injury in week two against the Broncos, Caldwell slipped in as the team's slot receiver, posting a season-high 63 yards receiving against the Baltimore Ravens, including a 49-yard touchdown reception.

Caldwell will enter the offseason as an unrestricted free agent having completed his fourth season with the Bengals.