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Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Under Investigation

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Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, also the team’s cheerleader captain, fought false allegations from a sleazy celebrity gossip website that Jones had sex with multiple Bengals players. She was awarded $11 million for libel and defamation (which is still pending an appeal after oral arguments were made on December 9) and confronted the website’s owner last month. All in all our girl recovered quite nicely from the vicious rumors. Now Jones is the subject of two investigations, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The most riveting thing about the supposed investigations into Jones is that absolutely no one is saying anything. Whatever it was, it forced Jones to resign her job as a teacher at Dixie Heights High School in late November, as we assume based on pressure from those above her.

Lawyer Eric Deters, whose Independence firm represented Jones in the defamation suit, also wouldn’t say what the investigation was about but said, "Sarah Jones maintains that she’s innocent, that this is just a terrible rumor and it’s my understanding that the alleged victim denies it also,” Deters said. “Sarah is being fully cooperative, and there have been no charges filed against her.”

Conway’s spokeswoman, Allison Gardner Martin, said the attorney general’s office had received a letter requesting a special prosecutor be appointed to the criminal case, but later refused to say who had been assigned to the case. A subsequent open records request for the letter was denied. Assistant Deputy Attorney General Mitchel T. Denham cited a law that exempts records from public inspection if the release could harm an ongoing criminal investigation.

We know it has to be serious enough to force her resignation, but according to Deters, both she and the supposed victim deny anything happened.