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Television Coverage Between The Arizona Cardinals And Cincinnati Bengals

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As we already know, anyone living within the Cincinnati market, or roughly a 75-mile radius from Paul Brown Stadium, won’t be able to sit with their beautiful families to watch the Cincinnati Bengals host the Arizona Cardinals on Christmas Eve. As a small token of generosity, Fox is offering the New York Jets and Giants in Cincinnati, which could have massive implications for the Bengals playoff run. As for the Bengals game, it won’t be on many television sets this weekend.

According to the distribution map from, those in central and southeastern Ohio will get the game, as will the entire state of Arizona (except for a small strip at the northeast edge of the state).. Check here to see if you’re within that area.

Due to (stupid) NFL rules, Cincinnati won’t get a late Fox game this weekend, not that we really wanted to see the Eagles and Cowboys. CBS will instead show the late game of the Detroit Lions hosting the San Diego Chargers.