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Bengals Healthier Than Usual Heading Into Week 16

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When it came to injuries this season, the Bengals had the worst timing possible. They lost their best cornerback, Leon Hall, in Week 10, right as the team entered the toughest stretch of the season. They also were without their best pass rusher, Carlos Dunlap, who just recently returned to the in Week 15. Through that tough stretch of game, the Bengals went 1-4, losing to the Steelers twice, the Ravens and the Texans. We can't blame injuries completely for the loss but they definitely didn't help.

Well, I'm here with good news. Of the nine players on the Bengals' injury report, eight of them are probable for Saturday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. The only player that isn't probable is wide receiver Andre Caldwell, who didn't practice this week and is listed as doubtful.

The Bengals must win out in order to go to the playoffs and that means that they have to beat the Cardinals, who have won six of their last seven games, on Saturday. If they do win and the Jets happen to lose to the Giants (which I think has a good chance of happening) they would just need to beat the Ravens in Week 17 for a trip to the playoffs.

That's easier said than done, I know, but they'll have an easier time with the majority of their players in the game and not on the sidelines nursing injuries. Stay tuned tonight for a full injury report from both the Bengals and Cardinals.