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Fantasy Sleeper Of The Week: Cincinnati Bengals Defense (Again)

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For the second straight week we’re going to highlight our fantasy sleeper selection on the defensive side of the ball. And by defensive side of the ball, we mean the entire defense. But there are reasons to believe, not only that the Bengals defense has a successful afternoon this Saturday in fantasy football, that they’re the realistic fathers of victory, and by extension the road map to the 2011 NFL playoffs if that path remains open.

First point is that Cincinnati is playing this Saturday relatively healthy. Carlos Dunlap will have a full game under his belt against the Rams to reintegrate after missing a month’s worth of action. Dunlap will square off against right tackle Brian Keith, who Pro Football Focus grades with a -8.7 pass blocking score, possibly platooning with Jeremy Bridges, who sports an even worse -9.0 pass block. Skelton, who has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this season, has been sacked multiple times four of six games played this season.

Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells was limited during practice this week with a knee, listed as questionable this Saturday. Though Wells has already scored 10 touchdowns and is only six yards shy of his first 1,000-yard rushing season in his career, the former Buckeyes running back is only averaging 2.9 yards/rush and 48.3 yards per game over the course of his last three. And only once has Wells surpassed 100 yards rushing in his past ten games – a 228-yard effort against the St. Louis Rams.

Finally the Cardinals have yet to score 30 points in a game this season, reaching or surpassing 27 points only three times this year, which in many fantasy football leagues, helps their respective fantasy teams as many are reaching the championship games.

And on a quick note with the Cincy Jungle fantasy football league, the championship game has 11-2 Goffchile squaring off against 9-4 Ephram. And the third place game takes place between 10-3 Boomer Lion and 9-4 Kirkendall. Holy crap, that’s me.