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Cardinals Vs. Bengals Inactive Report: Brian Leonard, Andre Caldwell Inactive

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The Bengals need to beat the Arizona Cardinals today to have a shot at playing for the playoffs in Week 17. Luckily, they're heading into their Week 16 game healthier than they have been in over a month. The vast majority of players that were banged up throughout the team's toughest stretch of games are back to 100 percent healthy or at least close to it. That being said, the Bengals can't dress everybody on Saturday.

The two biggest names on the Bengals' inactive report are wide receiver Andre Caldwell and third-down back Brian Leonard. Both will not be playing today. Joining them on the sidelines will be safety Robert Sands, linebacker Dontay Moch, guard Otis Hudson, tight end Colin Cochart and defensive tackle Nick Hayden.

For the Cardinals, quarterback Kevin Kolb is inactive, which is no huge surprise since it was announced that John Skelton would start against the Bengals earlier this week. Joining Kolb will be wide receiver Stephen Williams, defensive back Sean Considine, linebacker Brandon Williams, offensive tackle Brandon Keith, wide receiver Jaymar Johnson and wide receiver DeMarco Sampson.