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Bengals Take A 17-0 Lead Following Jerome Simpson's TD That Made God Drop His Jaw

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Following a Nate Clements interception to Cincinnati’s 42-yard line, Andy Dalton fails to hook up with Benson out of the backfield on first down. On the following play on second down, Dalton hands off to Benson, picking up nine yards down the left sidelines setting up a third and short situation.

Dalton takes the football on a sneak, finds a massive lane on the right side and sprints down the field for a massive 16-yard gain. A quick eight-yard pass to Benson and an incomplete later, the Bengals line up on third and two from the Cardinals 24-yard line with around five minutes remaining in the second quarter.

Benson takes the handoff up the middle and picks up the first down on the third down run.

Andy Dalton takes the snap and hits Jerome Simpson on a short crossing route, wide open. Simpson sprints down the sidelines and jumps over an attempted tackle, tucks in mid-air and lands on his feet.

Bengals take a 17-0 lead.