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Mike Nugent Extends Bengals Lead Over The Cardinals 23-0

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On the first play of the possession, with the Bengals holding onto a 20-0 lead midway through the third quarter, Andy Dalton launches a pass down the middle of the field where Patrick Peterson intercepts the football. However safety Adrian Wilson was called for a personal foul with a helmet to helmet hit on Andy Dalton, negating the interception and moving the Bengals to Arizona’s 47-yard line.

Following a two-yard run by Bernard Scott, Andy Dalton finds Jermaine Gresham sitting over the middle, dragging tacklers beyond the first down marker on the nine-yard gain to Arizona’s 45-yard line. Scott takes consecutive runs, compounded by a horse collar tackle on Darnell Dockett, pushing the Bengals to Arizona’s 21-yard line.

After Donald Lee’s offensive hold was negated on a late hit out of bounds by the Cardinals, Andy Dalton throws an incomplete pass to avoid a quarterback sack. Dalton would follow that up with another incomplete pass down the right sidelines for A.J. Green setting up a third and ten.

Andy Dalton scrambles out of the pocket feeling pressure, sliding two yards shy of the first down marker. Mike Nugent comes into the game and converts the 32-yard field goal, giving the Bengals a 23-0 lead with four minutes remaining in the third quarter.