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Arizona Cardinals Assaulting The Bengals With A Comeback Bid

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Sporting a 23-7 lead early in the fourth quarter, Bengals running back Cedric Benson promptly loses the football on a fumble, giving the Cardinals the football at Cincinnati’s 39-yard line. After an incomplet, John Skelton completes a 27-yard pass to Cincinnati’s 12-yard line with 8:31 remaining in the fourth quarter. Skelton follows that up with consecutive passes further reducing Cincinnati’s advantage to 10 points, with 7:39 remaining in the game. Considering that the Cardinals are only two touchdowns and two-point after attempts behind, Arizona’s offense stays on the field. Skelton drops back from an empty backfield, looking around and holding the football without an open receiver. Eventually Jonathan Fanene knocks the football out of Skelton’s hands, preventing the two-point conversion and keeping a two-score possession over the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cincinnati Bengals go three and out, giving the Cardinals the football at Arizona’s 21-yard line. Following two completes for 19 and a personal foul against Geno Atkins, the Cardinals push the football to Cincinnati’s 40-yard line. With 5:02 remaining in the game, on second and ten, Skelton finds a wide-open Larry Fitzgerald, picking up 39 yards before being tackled at the one-yard line.

A fumbled snap later, losing 10 yards before the Cardinals recovered, Arizona eventually converts the field goal to reduce Cincinnati’s lead to 23-16 with 3:16 remaining in the game.