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Bengals And Ravens Kickoff At 4:15 Next Weekend; Giants And Cowboys Flexed For SNF

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If the Cincinnati Bengals win next weekend, they will be in the playoffs sealing the sixth seed. If the Baltimore Ravens win next weekend, they could finally secure the second seed, the AFC North title and a first round bye. With all of that at stake, the Bengals and Ravens stood an outside shot of being flexed into NBC's Sunday Night Football.

However things played out differently.

With the New York Giants beating the New York Jets (Eli Manning, FTW!) and the Dallas Cowboys losing by 13 to the Philadelphia Eagles, it sets up the scenario in which the Giants and Cowboys will determine the NFC East champion during their regular season finale this weekend.

That being the case, it was only a matter of time before the NFL flexed that game into the Sunday Night Football game next weekend.

The NFL did move the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens to the late afternoon game with a 4:15 kickoff on CBS, alongside the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers.