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Bengals Players Just Want A Packed House Against The Baltimore Ravens

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The Cincinnati Bengals are offering a deal, allowing season-ticket holders to purchase a ticket, receiving a second for free in an effort to fill Paul Brown Stadium for Cincinnati's "win and your in" game against the Baltimore Ravens. Though it might seem logical for the front office to offer the deal to everyone (and not just season ticket holders), mostly to those that geniunely argue that the economy is preventing them from going to games this year, the team is obviously realizing the embarrassment if they fail to sellout the regular season finale that could mean a playoff berth if the Bengals beat the Ravens.

The Bengals have only sold out one game this year, against the Pittsburgh Steelers, setting record low attendance for games during a season that the Bengals are actually in a position that fans argue they've wanted all along. They're just not showing up.

Though the antagonism against the Brown family won't change until front office changes are made, even though the Bengals are fighting for a playoff spot (which is kind of the point in all of this), the Bengals players themselves just want a packed house.

Quotes from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko:

"I just want to thank the fans who were out there today. We really felt you guys out there, and that helped us out big time. I really want to encourage all of the Cincinnati fans to come out and cheer us on as we try to make the playoffs."

From Bengals cornerback Adam Jones:

"I’m just happy for the team and the city of Cincinnati. The fans did a great job getting behind us, and we need all of you this week."

From Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers:

"We’re going to put all we’ve got into it to get this 'W'." "It’s Baltimore, we’re playing at home; it’ll be a great atmosphere. I know the fans will come out. We need them to come out and give us an advantage."