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Jerome Simpson Nominated For Hardest Working Man For Week 16

You've seen the play countless times by now.

With 2:54 remaining in the second quarter, Andy Dalton felt pressure and found Jerome Simpson running a shallow crossing route not three yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Simpson angeled towards the left sidelines with a huge lane leading into the end zone, save for one problem -- the 230-pound Daryl Washington. Simpson could have cut to his right, juked right and squeezed through the left around the pylon. In Simpson's mind, none of that made any sense whatsoever.

Leaping over the linebacker, while using Washington's helmet to self-correct his decent to land on his feet, Simpson stuck his landing, leaving thousands if not millions with dropped jaws.

Not only was the touchdown incredible, it was more importantly the difference in Cincinnati's 23-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Though he only posted five receptions for 42 yards receiving, Simpson was nominated the Trane Hardest-Working Man of the week, alongside San Francisco's David Akers (four field goals), Buffalo's Jairus Byrd (pick-six on Tim Tebow), New York's Victor Cruz (99-yard touchdown reception) and Minnesota's Joe Webb.

You can vote for Simpson by going here.