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Cincinnati Bengals And Baltimore Ravens Officially Declared A Sell Out

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The Cincinnati Bengals regular season finale against the Baltimore Ravens has officially been declared a sellout, according to Andrew Brown, the team’s Manager of Ticket Sales. The game will kickoff at 4:15 p.m. on Sunday on Local 12. If the Bengals beat the Ravens, then Cincinnati will reach the playoffs for the third time in seven seasons. If they don’t, but the Jets lose with a combination of the Broncos or Raiders loser, the Bengals still make it. Regardless everyone inside the Cincinnati market will be able to see a game that realistic fans completely didn’t expect, either at the stadium or at home.

Following Saturday’s 23-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals, the Cincinnati Bengals announced a deal for season ticket holders, allowing them to purchase one ticket and get a second for free. Reports had massive lines at the ticket window and the phones ringing off the hooks Monday morning where the team reportedly moved over 2,000 tickets. The deal was also extended to suite holders and some local businesses that partner with the team.

This will only be the second sellout of the year, but couldn’t come at a bigger time with the team needing the full support of its entire fanbase to steal a win from the Ravens, who have something to play for in their own right.

Great job Bengals fans.