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Jonathan Fanene Nominated For AFC Defensive Player Of The Week

Geno Atkins leads the team with eight quarterback sacks, an easy trivia question answered if one were to be approached by a random stranger posing the question. When asked who’s second on the team, you might pause. Michael Johnson has five quarterback sacks, so he could be one. It’s not Carlos Dunlap, who only has four sacks and we’re already established that five is greater than four. If I answer Robert Geathers then I feel a bigger fool than the time my parents caught me watching adult-themed entertainment.

With one game remaining during the 2011 NFL regular season, Bengals defensive end Jonathan Fanene is second on the team, sporting six quarterback sacks. Two of them were earned last weekend against the Arizona Cardinals, which actually got Fanene nominated for the AFC Defensive Player of the Week award. Defensive end Robert Mathis ended up winning the AFC Defensive Player of the Week, registering two quarterback sacks, one forced fumble and a recovery during Indianapolis' 19-16 win over the Houston Texans during Thursday Night Football.