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Open Thread: College Football's Conference Championship Weekend

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The University of Cincinnati will host Connecticut (ESPN) at noon, kicking off this weekend's only game of local interest. There remains a chance that Cincinnati could earn a BCS berth with a win on Sunday, generating a three-way tie with Louisville and West Virginia. Yet if that happens, the tie-breaker will be each team's respective ranking in the BCS and that appears likely going to West Virginia. If Cincinnati loses, then Louisville gets the BCS bid after the Cardinals beat West Virginia earlier this year.

Still. With a win Cincinnati will claim at least a share of the Big East for the third time in four seasons.

Other games of interest today:

Southern Miss at Houston (12:00 p.m, ABC) for the Conference USA Championship. Georgia versus LSU (4:00 p.m, CBS) for the SEC Championship and LSU's berth to the BCS title game. And then you have a host of games kicking off at 8 p.m: Clemson and Virginia Tech (ESPN) for the ACC Championship, Michigan State and Wisconsin (Fox) for the Big Ten Championship and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State (ABC) for the Big 12 Title.