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Five Keys to a Bengals Victory No. 3: Other Receivers Step Up

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One of the bigger problems with the Bengals passing offense this season has been the play of wide receivers that aren't named A.J. Green. Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell have looked good in one week and then they completely disappear in other weeks. Green has been the only consistant wide receiver on the field.

We know this and you better believe that the Steelers know this too. They won't risk letting Green go one-on-one against Ike Taylor or William Gay. They'll likely use their best player in the secondary, Troy Polamalu, to limit the damage that Green can do to. If that's the case, the other Bengals receivers will need to step up.

I'm not saying that I think Polamalu can shut Green down, because we saw Green make that touchdown grab right over him in Week 10, but I do think that Polamalu can limit what Green could be able to do if he were left one-on-one. If the Steelers decide to leave their corners and safeties out on islands, Simpson and Caldwell will need to be on top of their game.

If Green is in double coverage, Dalton may need to look in another direction and that means he'll look at Simpson and Caldwell. If they can consistently get open and Dalton can get them the ball, the Bengals could really put the Steelers defense back on their heels. They wouldn't be able to let Simpson and Caldwell just stay open and if they start sliding the players in their secondary around, Green could get open as well.

And let's not forget about Jermaine Gresham. Other than Green, he's been the most reliable receiver. If the Steelers find themselves to wrapped up trying to cover the Bengals wide receivers and they leave Gresham to a linebacker to cover him, there's no question that Gresham will win that matchup.

If all the Bengals receivers are on top of their game on Sunday, the Bengals offense could move the ball down the field with ease and if they can do that, the Bengals can win in Pittsburgh in Week 13.