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Cedric Benson Scheduled To Earn $250,000 In Incentives If He Surpasses 1,100 Yards

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It was getting late and the Cincinnati Bengals needed to get a bell cow running back into training camp. On July 31 the team re-signed free agent Cedric Benson to a one-year deal worth $3 million and another $2 million with incentives. According ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Cedric Benson has already earned $500,000 worth of incentives and if reaches the 1,100 yard rushing milestone, he'll earn another $250,000.

With 1,016 yards, Cedric Benson already has already earned a $500,000 incentive. He gets $250,000 more if he rushes for 84 yards Sunday. 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Benson has been the focus of some concern this week after fumbling the football five times in the past two games. The two fumbles lost against the Cardinals turned a comfortable lead into a nail-biter with Arizona's Early Doucet tripping on fourth down near Cincinnati's endzone that would have tied the game.