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Bengals Pep Rally: Defensive Backs Coach Kevin Coyle On 700 WLW

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Wayne Box Miller and Artrell Hawkins were joined by Bengals defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle during the weekly Bengals Pep Rally on 700 WLW. Here is a portion of Coyle's interview in which he talks about the sellout crowd coming for Sunday's game and what the defense needs to watch for on Sunday.

WLW: Talk to the fans about what a difference a sellout makes.

KC: Well I can't really tell you how important it's going to be to have the fans being what people refer to as the 12th man here on Sunday. What a difference that can make. The one thing that's obvious, when the offense has difficulty communicating, they have a tendency for false starts, jumping offsides and things of that nature. Another thing that really helps the pass rush is when the offensive line is late getting out of their stance because they can't hear the communication at the line isn't what it needs to be. That's really going to help our edge pass rushers a great opportunity to get off the ball and we have some guys that can rush the passer. When you look at teams around the league that have great home crowds -- Seattle, we were out there earlier this year. When they kept flashing on the screen every time there was a penalty, it added on to their league leading total of pre-snap penalty and showed how important a crowd can be in creating pre-snap penalties. If we can do that in this game, it will definitely help us. And not only that, it energizes the players. The players feel that and feed off that energy.

WLW: Talk about what your emphasis has been this week and what your message has been to your players.

KC: One of the good things is we're very familiar with Baltimore. We play them twice a year, we know their personnel, we know their sceme very well and we've had success against them in the past. Our players, just being disciplined, and the old phrase of doing your job and executing your job and not doing somebody else's is really key in this game. Ray Rice is an explosive cut-back runner. Most of his runs aren't the ones where he breaks the long runs because they've been perfectly blocked up. What he does is he may run up into the back of a lineman and then he squirts out the other side and runs for 30 yards. Those little backs are difficult to find. He's very similar to Jones-Drew down in Jacksonville. They've both very powerful guys yet they're very shifty and very quick. We have to be disciplined on the backside just in case they come out of the back door and really fit in the run game correctly when they try to run down hill at us. This is a team that will try to throw it deep but it's usually on first or second down when they get you to try to defend the run. They're not going to try to throw it over your head on third down. On third down, they're just trying to nickel and dime you to get a first. So they're not particularly efficient in that phase but they can throw on play action and Flacco has a good arm and can throw the ball down field.

For the rest of Kevin Coyle's interview during the Bengals pep rally, go here.