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Sleeper of the Week: Jerome Simpson Benefits With Attention On A.J. Green

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There's a good chance that with Cincinnati's secondary hurting that the Bengals offense will be asked to transform their 18th ranked offense into something much more. Turnovers. Can't happen. Second quarter stumbles need to be avoided. A more consistent rushing offense needs to keep the Steelers offense, with a passing game that could expose Cincinnati's banged up secondary, milking the clock with gains that give Andy Dalton more manageable third down opportunities.

They also need to convert big plays to keep that Steelers defense honest.

If Dick LeBeau is doing his job, A.J. Green will be a focus Sunday afternoon. That would stand reason to believe that Jerome Simpson would face more single-man coverages while the Steelers defense keeps their obsessive attention on Green.

Consider that the last time we named Jerome Simpson as the fantasy sleeper of the week, the wide receivers posted eight receptions for 152 yards receiving during Cincinnati's 24-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.