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Steelers Take A 28-7 Lead Following Antonio Brown's 60-yard Touchdown Return

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Cincinnati has time remaining in the first half with a 14-point deficit. Do something here, reduce the deficit even more and benefit even more by receiving the opening second half kickoff. A master plan that could work if Cincinnati's self-destruction comes to an end and if the defense doesn't falter later in the game. But for that master plan to work, points have to be scored to end the first half.

However Brandon Tate was of no help following a pitiful three-yard gain to the Bengals 13-yard line.

As for our master plan, it was a pipe dream at best.

Two incomplete passes, a false start on Andrew Whitworth, sets up a third and 15 with 1:39 remaining in the first half. That's six penalties for 80 yards given up in the first half.

Andy Dalton is forced to scramble out of the pocket and just before he's sacked in the endzone for a safety, Dalton throws the football away and the Bengals punt.

Antonio Brown takes the punt and returns it down the right sidelines for a touchdown, giving the Steelers a 28-7 lead on the 60-yard return.