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What They're Sayin': Few Reactions But Fierce When They Did

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Monday morning was dreary. A soaking rain blotting out the sun with a piercing and disorienting alarm clock banging away like an uncoordinated drummer in a band that hasn't touched an instrument their entire lives. A little extra coffee in the morning should do the trick. And it does wake up the tired zombie that is myself, but it doesn't preach patience or the expectation that Monday is just going to suck no matter what.

Driving down death highway (aka, I-75) on my way into Dayton early this morning, traffic patterns change while others refuse to pay attention to the road, colliding in the fast lane and causing thousands upon thousands to be late for their own jobs Monday morning. iTunes on my computer keeps shutting down.

It's a grand way to start the week, especially after a 35-7 thrashing by the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday afternoon.

During our weekly surf to find out what others are saying about the Cincinnati Bengals, we are slightly amazed at the cricket -- though some did react.

+ Peter King of Sports Illustrated offers this up during his introduction with week 13 opening thoughts:

4. If the playoffs began today, Cincinnati and Chicago would be in. That's why I'm glad the playoffs don't begin today.

On the other hand King is doing a feature for the magazine's weekly publication of the 1986 Cincinnati Bengals "and examined their mental and physical lives a quarter-century later."

The findings of our study will surprise you a bit, and I hope you take some time this week to digest our nine-page report.

+ Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes:

They played like children Sunday. No mistake was left unmade. They wrecked their impressive first drive with two penalties that took points off the board. Then they let that affect them the rest of the game.

+ Gregg Doyle, briefly a local sports radio host, of write:

I'm not saying that for your benefit, but mine. I'm sitting here, staring at my computer, telling myself not to go off on the Bengals after this 35-7 loss Sunday to the Steelers. This isn't the same old Cincinnati franchise that people have grown to know and loathe over the years, a dislikeable team with idiots at receiver and a quitter at quarterback. This isn't that team. I don't need to be nice to the Bengals, but maybe I can avoid being cruel.

Though cruel seems like a plausible option, given what just happened here.

+ Reid Forgrave of Fox Sports Ohio says that the Bengals aren't for real:

This was a statement game. And at Heinz Field on Sunday, the Bengals' statement could be heard, loud and clear, all the way back in Cincinnati: No. These Bengals are not for real. They are not the comeback story of the year. Instead, the 35-7 shellacking to the Steelers only proved the 2011 Bengals have been a mirage, built by feasting on inferior competition.