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Andre Smith In A Boot But Reassures He'll Be Back Against Houston

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With 7:51 remaining in the second quarter on Sunday, Cedric Benson took the handoff and exploded through the line of scrimmage for a five-yard gain. After the dust settled and the fire was extinguished, players stood and returned to their respective huddles. Except for one.

Andre Smith remained on the ground, laying on his back and displaying obvious pain with the instant recall of the tackle's health issues suddenly floating in people's minds when the injury appeared to be localized around his lower leg. In the meantime Anthony Collins came into the game and although LaMarr Woodley also left the game with a hamstring injury, the solid backup tackle played well enough (compared to his line-mates).

After the game Smith was seen in the locker room with a boot on his ankle. When asked about it, Smith reassured that he's fine and that the boot was a precaution:

"I’m alright. My foot’s not broken. Everything is good. I’ll be out there next week."

The Cincinnati Bengals will host the 9-3 Houston Texans at Paul Brown Stadium next weekend.