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Sports Illustrated: National Labor Relations Board Dismisses Cedric Benson's Charge Against The NFLPA

According to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, the National Labor Relations Board dismissed Cedric Benson's "unfair labor practice charge against the NFLPA and its executive director, DeMaurice Smith". Cincinnati's feature running back filed the charge after the Players Association made a deal with the National Football League regarding several players charged with off-the-field incidents, selecting only a handful of players to make both parties happy during an offseason in which players shouldn't have been held to any personal conduct policy because no collective bargaining agreement existed -- an argument Benson used.

Benson said in early October when an announcement was made regarding a three-game suspension he received earlier during the regular season:

"There were some things in the CBA that we were not made aware of, which is really no surprise. That kind of falls on the PA (players association)," Benson said. You would think they’re here to support you and have your back, that’s what a union does. I guess in my case it’s different.

"We’ve got a lot of good cards to play, a lot of evidence, a lot of facts to back me. We’ll present those things and hope for the best."

Though it was widely believed that Benson wouldn't be forced to serve any suspension until the issue with the NLRB was resolved, the league decided that Benson will serve a one-game suspension against the Seattle Seahawks anyway; a two-game reduction after his appeal.