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Results Of Twitter Flash Poll On Why Fans Aren't Buying Bengals Tickets

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After posting our commentary that if the team were to reduce ticket prices anywhere from $10-20, we suspected that more fans would come to Paul Brown Stadium, selling it out and generating a rowdy atmosphere for the impressionable young men that wear stripes on Sunday.

Admittedly while expanding the subject into a post, bracing for the inevitable Mike Brown rant, siphoning life from every square inch within the 75-mile radius of Paul Brown Stadium was like the German army anticipating America's arrival onto the shores of Normandy. You knew it was coming and you knew it was going to be brutal.

Later we took to Twitter and, prompted by our friends at Who Dey Revolution, we ran a flash pool asking what is the primary reason that they're not purchasing tickets. Only one answer was really allowed. The irony of the poll was largely the split between the readership and followers of WDR and Cincy Jungle -- two sites run and followed by obsessive and passionate Bengals fans but with different perspectives (which makes it awesome).

Here are some of the comments (we're withholding who made them because we didn't actually seek their permission to post on it and I didn't realize it until just now).

[And if you're not following us on Twitter then what the hell?]

Fans that will not go to a game because Mike Brown is the owner.

"Mike Brown and it's not even close."

"Mikey Boy all the way..."

"Mike Brown, No scouts, poor fan relation, etc."

"Mike Brown. If I felt the need to go, I'd find a way. If games aren't on tv, I'll listen in on the radio."

"Brown. Decision made before season, of course, I didn't expect them to win this year."

"I happily boycott, not for economic reasons but for not giving Mike Brown money There's more than just me out there."

"BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! Dude's despicable on so many levels -- and I don't mean Club, Loge and Plaza!!"

"Live remote, so I can't travel to games, but I do pay for Sunday Ticket... Wouldn't even consider season tickets because of Brown!

Cost/Ticket Prices

"Prices (high food, high ticket) and little return on those prices (bad food, bad team minus this year)"

"Too expensive."


"It is mainly a money issue because im a poor college student."

"Money, I'm a college student."

"Money. I have season tickets but if the games would always be on tv I would probably get rid of them. Cheaper at bar/home."

"I gave up my season tickets but still went to two games this year but $$$ was my reason for giving up the tickets."

(kind of both) "I'm tired of Mike Brown ownership but to bring my family of four to a game is outrageous."

"Money. For gas, food, and tickets for my family of four or even just my wife and I, the cost isn't justifiable."

Comfort of Watching From Home

"Takes too much time. Sitting at home and watching is better."

"I can go to BW-3 etc get food, beer, and watch game with crowd for less than one ticket costs."

"Primary reason I don't go to games is that I can watch it much more comfortably, and with a better view, at home in HD."