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Nate Clements Returns to Practice on Friday for Bengals

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Many have been worried about the Bengals health heading into the final stretch of the 2011 season, particularly the health of cornerback Nate Clements and defensive end Carlos Dunlap, both of whom are integral parts of Mike Zimmer's defense. Clements missed the Bengals Week 13 game against the Steelers and Dunlap has missed three of the last four games with a hamstring injury.

While Dunlap worked out on the side of the field at the Bengals' practice on Saturday, Clements returned to practice. While it's currently unknown whether Clements practiced fully or if he was limited, the fact that he made his way back to practice on Friday is a good sign that he'll play against the Texans on Sunday.

Last weekend, the Bengals started Adam Jones and Kelly Jennings against the Steelers and I think that most Bengals fans would be much more confident in the Bengals secondary if they starting Jones and Clements against the Texans on Saturday.

Check back tonight to see both teams' full practice reports.