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Report: Andre Johnson Will Not Play Against Bengals on Sunday

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Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson has missed much of the 2011 season because of a hamstring injury. He came back to the Texans in Week 12 after missing six games but he re-injured himself in last weekend's game against the Falcons. He has not practiced this week but has been called a game-time decision.

According to John McClain (no, not Die Hard's John McCane), Johnson will not be playing against the Bengals.

Gary Kubiak said andre Johnson will not play against bengals cause of strained hamstring. 12 minutes ago via txt · powered by @socialditto

This is good news. Andre Johnson is one of the most physically dominating wide receivers in the NFL and with the state of the Bengals' secondary, I would feel concerned about Johnson's ability to change a game, even if it is T.J. Yates throwing him the ball.

Make sure you stay tuned tonight to see each teams' full friday practice reports.