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Dontay Moch Dealing With "Migraine Issues"

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Recently it has seemed that almost every time we post our weekly practice reports Dontay Moch is on the list as somebody who didn't participate in practice and, until recently, it said for non-injury reasons. It also seems that every time we post a practice report, somebody leaves a comment wondering what was wrong with Moch.

Now we know.

According to Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, Moch has been dealing some health issues, including problems with migraines.

"He’s dealing with an illness thing. He’s had some migraine issues. Hopefully we're turning the corner on that and hopefully we'll have him back to practice next week."

I don't know how many of you have suffered, or do suffer, from migraines but they're terrible. Hopefully Moch gets through his health issues soon and gets back on the field. The Bengals could really use another pass rusher, especially if Carlos Dunlap doesn't make it back on the field soon.

So, now you know what has been going on with Moch.