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Jason La Canfora: Brad Childress Not A Candidate For Offensive Coordinator

After Marvin Lewis let offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski go after ten seasons, the thought was that the team could promote within. If that were the case, quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese and wide receivers coach Mike Sheppard were thought of favorites.

Instead, the team plans on moving outside the organization. As Jason posted on Monday, the search could be coming to a close now that Lewis is close to hiring someone from a pool of candidates. It's possible the team could look amongst the college ranks for a "young mind that brings experience as well as energy."

That being said, one candidate that stuck out to us after reportedly having dinner with Marvin Lewis, was Vikings head coach Brad Childress, who held the role of offensive coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles. Mike Brown said that Childress won't be coming to Cincinnati, but at the time we believed he said that because Bratkowski was still believed to remain as the offensive coordinator for the Bengals in 2011.

So we have to ask again. Is Childress once again a candidate?


According to NFL Network's Insider Jason La Canfora, Childress will not be the next offensive coordinator. La Canfora tweets:

Although Brad Childress spoke with Marvin Lewis a few weeks back, I'm told he will not be their next offensive coordinator